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September 16, 2004



Please REMOVE that photo of a guy straddling the buddha entittled "Buddha bites off more than he can chew"

As a buddhist, I am very offended by this, as well as anyone with any moral decency.

Even though some might think that this photo is funny in nature with no offensive intentions, I think it still can not be shown just out of respect for the sanctity of Buddhism.

liza bender

hello boys :)
just thought I'd let you know that the pic you've titled disorient is a friend of mine... his name is Sydd... what a great picture of him! And I am sooooo glad you posted a pic of Brandon... cause I don't have any pics of him.... we met at BM this year and were both BM virgins... we totally enjoyed eachothers company the last 3 or 4 days of BM... and yes we are still intouch with eachother and he is planning to come visit me in a week!!!! YAY!!!! for Burning Man... YAY!!! for new friends.... YAY!!! for the mystery of what is to come... ;)


hey, you fabulous boys took a picture of me and my friend camel at the hookadome early in the week (brc). you guys gave us a pin...where's the pic? id love to see it. he was wearing white irridescent pants and i was in a red tank and ripped blue jean skirt. thanks.

gay men are gross!

ur all gay and thats gross


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