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September 10, 2004


liza bender

I know you'll do it sooner or later... but I'm excited to see your pics! you guys are an amazing couple! I loved the cup holder with all the danglies! I was one of many people you photographed and chit chatted with... so I don't think you'd remember me and the boy I was with... but just in case you do ;) we were sitting next to you when the man burned... I had a black hat that had black and silver dread looking thingys coming off of it... and I was with a boy named Brandon... you guys actually talked with him at a bar you were tending on some other evening.... any hoooooooo... I am anticipating the photos...
a.k.a honest lizard

Rachael Bouch

hello, you took my pic at the burn, standing on the shoulders of my friends...remember me? I'd love to see that photo! Please let me know if it's posted yet, and where I would find it.


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