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February 17, 2005



so why did you infringe any patents or trademarks? you didn't produce the posters. you just reported about what you have seen... so you are not allowed to report about things that happened, when there is a company name in it? i always thought the us is the land of the free and of free speech. :-(


Pixellate/blur the A&F font (that is, their trademark) and re-post. In the text you can spell out that it's some street art with the Abercrombie & Fitch logo on it. Presto, you're legal.


(AFAIK but IANAL, still it has worked for people before)


In the UK it would come through the legal loophole for satire (i.e. free speech). Just make clear it's not a real A&F ad. They wouldn't sue because doing so would obliterate their public image.


Thanks for the tips. We're working to get new images up soon.


Quite right; you did nothing but report what you saw, and we were all the better for it. Anyway, Leni Riefenstahl, did it all much better, and A & F didn't even have to pay her.


You guys are so badass! I have total blog envy.


The material is, as "dabitch" points out, satire, and A&F
has NO legal right to ask that it be removed because of
copyright infringement. They're asking because that's what
they do. And your complying is what they hope for. They
count on most people being intimated by the lawyers.

The actual copyright infringement is on the creators of the satire. If they asked you to remove the material, they'd have a legitimate case.

Lindsay Beyerstein

Farleft, I'm sure you're right. The more immediate question is whether 6Apart would rather can Phototopia than take the heat from A&F's intellectual property lawyers.

For all I know, Phototopia could then sue 6A--seeing as P-topia didn't actually violate any Terms of Use agreement. Probably wouldn't be worth it, though.

Besides the word is out about both 6A's disloyalty to its customers and the A&F posters.


Sounds fake, anyway. They just wanted to scare you into taking it down. I doubt anyone received a 'stack of papers' from lawyers. Nonsense.


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