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October 09, 2006



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Eye Blind 103 rilla. "Why do they always put the cemeteries at the tops of Hills?" He asked. "It's not that someone is coming to putting out chairs and enjoy the view or otherwise." "Nearer my God to, and everything," said Corso. They rode on top of the hill in silence. Overhead, slate-gray sky flowed to the east, dark and sensual, like cooling lava. The wind shaking the leaves removed was abandoned last fall, and sent them in the upper spirals dirt. Although the hair ghd rounded with an acute angle at the top of a mosaic of irregular shingle roofs appeared scattered throughout the valley floor. Here and there the church steeples poking through the fabric of society, such as a thin white fingers pointing the way home. "Place looks better from up here," said Dougherty ghd Hair Straighteners UK while Ford's narrow angle of the rear wheels. "These rust-belt cities have always given me chills. It makes me feel like I need a shower." "Allentown is carried out through the iron and coke and chromium steel," said Corso. "When the coal gone, all of a sudden did not work anything, United Kingdom 123 456 789 ll". Smelled the acrid air. "Why do people stay in places like this?" "Why were born here. It is all they know. And it was promised that if they educated themselves and worked hard, was the life for them here. The place where you can pick up the kids and root for the Phillies, and maybe go to a retired their front porches plate ghd IV wa tch of July parade. "He wheeled the car around a few corners, then secretly look at the course. "Thus [url=http://www.ghds-sale.co.uk]ghd straighteners sale[/url] ghd straighteners sale o you will imagine the golden years, Frank? Waving the flag on the porch?" 104 GM FORD Course snorted. "No," he said. "That's it, Kultamuru. We are not part of the planned program. We are a fringe. None of us will never have a pot to bring Elks or Eagles Stringbean and the Eastern Star. We always strive to be the outside look inside This is what we do." Expects an argument, but has emphasized over the top of the steering wheel. "No," he said. "This is." It was a wonderful old cemetery. Perhaps thirty hectares of dearly departed nestled under the grove of towering oaks and maples, whose branches spread black bony fingers in the sky. Cemetery is surrounded by six-foot tall wrought iron. From the spot, the eye could follow the meanderings of course, drew the frost line of a barrier than the drunk walked away from him toward the northern horizon. In other times and places a fence would be a pink Hair Straighteners already worth more than the land is protected, but the city of iron, such as Allentown, a [url=http://www.ghds-sale.co.uk]ghd straighteners cheap[/url] ghd straighteners cheap t city where 60 years, the red glow lit the cauldron at the edges of steel the night sky, this city, half a mile from the iron fence was not anything special. Only a divider between what was rust ... and what would be even more. Something was burning. Something greasy and dense with ink, ashes rained down from heaven in the air as part of Misty Morning inferno. The weather was rough and caustic to the throat. When he walked back and forth in front of the tomb, heard during the glands in the neck begins to ache. Plaque was simple. A rough granite block b ghd IV Local polished on one side. Engraved leaves the border. "Sissy Marie Warwick," he said. Eye 105 "September 4, 1957 September 4, 1972. Beloved daughter. economic 123 456 789 That's the Grace of God to bring eternal peace." Shivers violently, of course, stops like a dream with open eyes flickered before his eyes. As if that were to hold layers of gauze, he saw a thin, wavy shadow of a girl, her hands folded, hair in the wind. Before he could move or speak, he turned his head in his way, he opened his eyes blank, and then, when the wind blew again, he was gone. He blinked twice, then turned away, embarrassed by his sudden Flight of fancy. Dougherty was the hood open. He was rocking on his heels as he watched the sunset on a collection. It was raised. He had never seen. During his coat tight around his body, and shrugged his shoulders. "He was standing here," he said. "Who?" "The new Sissy Warwick." He made a sweeping gesture with his hand. "He stood here somewhere. As this plaque and read those words and decided tha t UK cheap ghd plates Sissy Warwick was supposed to be his new name." Dougherty thought. "You think you also saw the funeral?" "This is an interesting idea, now is not it," he thought, looking around. "Maybe from a distance," he said. "Maybe at the back there, [url=http://www.ghds-sale.co.uk]ghd sale[/url] ghd sale r that the oak grove." He walked slowly in a circle. "Yes ... I think you're pink GHD d id. It feels right to me." He turned to Dougherty. "This was a person in a plan already in place. Less than a week after the real Sissy Marie went to the ground, someone had already used his identity to obtain a birth certificate and social security card." "But how can we be sure that he is the same guerrilla Marie 106 GM FORD Warwick appear in Avalon, Wisconsin, a year later? '" Woman of Avalon uses the same birth certificate and social security number when he was married to Eldred Holmes, a year or a little later. "She looked at him stable manner. "How do you know?" "The sheriff told me," he said quickly. His expression said he did not believe him, but "Weird," she said simply. "It is strange that it was almost forced to be a child." He frowned. "Think about it," said Corso. "Real War-wick Sissy died in his fifteenth birthday. It is obvious that those who chose to take his or her identity was somewhere close to his age. It would probably be a little" older than the younger ones. For a lot younger than fifteen years, and began to have doubts about [b]ghd sale[/b] n your ability to assemble a story. "" Boy, huh? "" I do not see how it could be otherwise, "he said. Dougherty did not argue. Instead, she slipped her hand through her." Let's go, "he said, gently pulling the elbow." Color Me Silly, but I do not want to stand in the middle of the cemetery in the dark . "Hand in hand, began to wind among the graves. No straight lines here. No military precision. The arrangement of graves was random, as if the stones and the bones had been dug in the hand and rolled like dice. This was the last of the home builders in the city. If they were Catholic, ended up here. the rich and the poor. The old and young. Slag skimmer and steel barons like. A simple memorial stones covered with debris to a few meters away from the family 107 mau decorated with an eye soleums ghd pink baroque angels in marble, green and dirty with age, looked at those less fortunate everlasting contempt. tombs decorated with fresh flowers from time to time, but most have been grown over and ragged, as if the dead were forgotten. On the left, of course, a good set fallen headstone plates ghd United Kingdom grass, the roots of the basic roots and adorned with a spider weather eye on Pooh Bear. Against black and loose soil Mylar balloons still loose and shining silver in fading [b]ghd straighteners cheap[/b] e light. Grass which they found was a thick, soft carpet leav 123 456 789 ES and dead grass from the frozen . In the south, the hill away. Allentown now lies under the bonnet of blue smoke rises to the chimneys, spread over the peaks and valleys of roofs, such as cotton dust. "And then?" Dougherty said. I thought when they walked the course. "I believe that putting your hands in your local phone book and how many we can find from Warwick. "He dropped his hand." This is all what you have? We won the phone? "" That's all. "" It's really desperate, "he said." You're telling me. "North, a group of buildings, peered between the wall of trees. Until they walked another fifty meters, of course, it seemed. When he did, he came to a halt . Crisp. "middle," he said. "It's the" church. "" Of course it is. " The steep slope bell was lost Blaze of branches. Four buildings, including the church. A couple of three-storey block on the left. A dark and sharp against the sky will fade. Lower than the GM 108 FORD building squatting on the right side of the church, a stone fireplace and adding a thin column of smoke to pick up blanket of smog. Three of the shadows in dark windows look out of the country. "Most likely, regardless of Sisters," said Dougherty. Course nodded. "Yeah." [b]ghd straighteners sale[/b] j He turned and started away. "Let's go," he said over his shoulder. Of course, when he does not move, walked back to his side. "Let's go," he said. Dryer, "This place gives me the chills." GHD Hair "We are having the nuns," he said. "Nuns make me nervous," said Dougherty. "For something always makes me feel as if I had done something wrong and I must admit." "You can wait in the car, if you want to." She put her hands on her hips. "Oh yes, how do you expect to examine the cemetery ..." The course did not listen. His black jacket was quickly mixed with the night during the great strides in the direction of the lights. Dougherty weighed his options. He looked around the cemetery. Then he stretched out his long legs and ran headlong after the course. 14


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